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Kolondra Harvey

CEP Leadership
Director, Pre-College TRiO
Pre-College TRIO

Kolondra Harvey has been the Director of Pre-College TRiO Programs since May 2012.  She has spent over 19 years with the UC Berkeley Pre-College TRIO Programs.  Kolondra started as Residential Counselor with the Upward Bound Program in 1994 and since then has worked with all three components of the Pre-College TRIO Programs in a variety of capacities.  Coming from a low-income, first-generation background herself, Kolondra truly believes in the core values of what our Pre-College TRIO provides students and families.  The highlights in her career is seeing students achieve their goals of entering into higher education.  When not working with students and families, Kolondra is busy being a mother of many.  She also enjoys watching her children play their individual sports, reading and cooking.