Advising Undocumented Students (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Dr. Kathleen Wong(Lau), Chief Diversity Officer and Ana Navarrete, Program Director of the UndocuSpartan Resource Center provide this webinar on research-informed practices that increase belongingness and reduce marginality in student-advisor interactions with undocumented students.

This webinar features an over view of some of the basic concerns facing undocumented students along with a specific focus on DACA students and the potential cascade of impacts from an impending US Supreme Court Ruling coming out in June 2020. Secondarily, this webinar will feature research informed practices for advisors as they work with students who are directly impacted or whose families and friends are directly impacted by this ruling. Practices will be covered which are designed to reduce stigma, sustain academic identity, and provide social support without enacting forced disclosure on the part of students. Practices are also designed to increase student help-seeking behavior for resources and information from campus and community entities. A moderated Q & A session will follow the presentation.