Essential Programs and Resources for Historically Marginalized Students at Berkeley (VIDEO)

Thursday, April 29, 2021

(recorded April 29, 2021) One of the many things that makes UC Berkeley so special is the rich diversity of its student community. Berkeley is home to first generation college students, low-income students, former foster youth, student veterans, student parents, undocumented students, formerly incarcerated students, and transfer students of all ages and life experiences. Learn about programs and resources designed to support historically marginalized students at Berkeley. The second half of our event will be dedicated to answering your questions live and in real time! Presenters include: -The

Basic Needs Center The BNC supports students with all the essential resources needed to not only survive, but thrive at UC Berkeley. We refuse to accept hunger, homelessness, and all other basic needs injustices as part of our university. -The Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3) CE3 connects historically marginalized students with critical resources — from holistic academic counseling, financial aid guidance, scholarships, coaching, and career and graduate school preparation. -African American Student Development & Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center Academic, Social-Emotional, Professional Development, Community and Cultural Support Center for Students of African/Black Ancestry at the University of California at Berkeley. -Financial Aid and Scholarships Office As the oldest equity program at Berkeley, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office provides critical financial wellness services including funding, financial literacy, and advising support in multiple campus community locations. -University Health Services- Social Services department and Counseling and Psychological services UHS provides health support on many levels including Counseling and Psychological services / Social services. Those departments provide counseling services, case management, psychiatry, and referrals to community resources.