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This is page for resources for CEP staff.

  • CEP leverages two payment tools. The first if which is Bearbuy which is a campus wide purchasing tool. The other tool CEP uses is our corporate credit cards, also known as "BluCards" or "EPC Cards"
  • As a rule-of-thumb, time sensitive purchases are executed via our corporate cards
    • Our EPC Cards are used for our travel and entertainment (Food) purchases while our BluCards are used for NON-Travel and Entertainment purchases. Please contact your Office Manager for additional information
    • Click here to find additional information on the the card programs
  • For general BearBuy training guides, click here . For specific questions, please contact your Office Manager

Travel, Entertainment/Food or "Other" Reimbursments

Individuals directly enter their travel, entertainment or general personal expenses into the Campus T&E Reimbursement System

Please watch the following training videos on how to submit your Travel & Entertainment reimbursement requests directly into the system.

Supplies purchased

  • Click here for information on what supplier/vendor is
  • If you are ready to set up a new supplier, click here to be taken to the Controllers Office Website. Once at their website, select the "BFS" option the select "Log into BFS".  Your next step is to select the "Supplier Registration"  box
  • For more information on how to use the Supplier Registration system click here to view the helpguide
  • To update existing suppliers use the FAX method to send a request to the Vendoring Team. Please refer to for details on updating existing suppliers.

  • If you are unable to log into BFS please contact your supervsior

Please contact CEP Office Manager at josh.smith [at] for more information on onboarding process.

  • Your first step is to complete the Contractor Proposal form and submit to your Office Manager for approval. Please note, the form is located in Box. See your supervisor if you cannot access Box. For quick video tutorial covering how to complete Contractor Proposal from click here
  • Other important forms;
    • W9
      • If you have access to BFS. Click here for info on how to sign your supplier up as a vendor with UC Berkeley
      • If you do not have access to BFS. Click here to download a W9 form and here for information on what sections of the W9 need to be completed
    • Pre-Hire Worksheet. Click here
    • Conflict of Interest form. Click here
    • Certificate of Insurance. Click here for information your our expectation around contractor insurance. If your contractor cannot afford to pay for insurance, please contact your Office Manager 
  • Need additional assistance? Your Office Manager is your subject matter expert who can address any questions that arise. If you are looking for a specific training guide, Joshua Smith, who serves as our CEP procurement training lead can be reached at josh.smith [at]