Jen Caballero

PHOTO: Jen Caballero

With a strong academic record and a 4.0 GPA, Jen would have been a strong candidate for UC Berkeley, but she never even thought about applying. As a first-generation student with Mexican and Choctaw heritage, she didn’t feel she would belong at Berkeley. Instead she started school at UC Davis, but dropped out and landed at De Anza Community College, where she came into contact with CEP’s Transfer Alliance Project (TAP). With TAP’s guidance she transferred to Berkeley with a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship and went into law. Jen graduated from Georgetown Law, won a prestigious Fellowship in Women’s Law and Public Policy, passed the New York State Bar on her first attempt, and is now pursuing a career helping women who are victims of domestic violence. “I never saw the opportunities open to me. If it hadn’t been for TAP, I would never be seeking this advocacy role.”