Parent & Family Curriculum

CEP K - 12th Grade College-Going Culture Parent Workshops

College Conversations: Empowering Families to Support Student Aspirations

These workshops are designed for California Families.

These community conversations “workshops” were created by UC Berkeley Center for Educational Partnerships to meet the needs of parents and families throughout the K-12 experience. This Community Conversation/Plática “workshop” model is guided by the following principles:

  • Families are seen as experts who hold valuable knowledge, funds of wisdom, and community cultural wealth.

  • Families are given the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to the college knowledge shared during the conversation.

  • Conversations recognize and validate cultural norms while introducing and considering educational norms and expectations.

  • Conversations build community by fostering dialogue and interaction to support the establishment of a supportive network of parents and families.

  • The curriculum includes parent evaluations.

These conversations are part of a college-going framework that includes increasing College Aspirations, College Knowledge, and College Planning.

  • College Aspirations:  We want ALL students to see themselves in college and know that they can be successful in any post-secondary option they choose.

  • College Knowledge:  Once students have developed the predisposition to college-going, they need access to college knowledge connecting their aspirations to reality.

  • College Planning:  With college knowledge in place, students will have the necessary foundation to plan their academic futures.

The elementary school workshops are focused on College Aspirations, middle school workshops are focused on College Aspirations and College Knowledge, and high school workshops are focused on College Knowledge and College Planning.

Elementary School Workshops (Kinder - 5th Grade)

$29 for 5 workshops:  purchase here

  • (Kinder-2nd) Looking Ahead: Expectations for our Children’s Future

  • (Kinder-2nd) Why College?

  • (3rd-5th) Developing Academic Skills & Promoting Achievement

  • (3rd-5th) Changes: Making Successful Transitions

  • (Kinder-5th) Intro to Paying for College

Middle School Workshops (6th - 8th Grade)

$39 for 7 workshops:  purchase here

  • (6th) Welcome to Middle School

  • (6th) Promoting a Growth Mindset

  • (7th) College 101

  • (7th) Exploring Career Options

  • (8th) High School, Here I Come!

  • (8th) Creating the 4-Year Academic Plan

  • (6th-8th) Paying for College 101: Part I

High School Workshops (9th - 12th Grade)

$49 for 9 workshops:  purchase here

  • (9th) Transitioning to High School

  • (9th) The Importance of the 4-Year Academic Plan

  • (10th) College Requirements

  • (10th) College Entrance Exams

  • (11th) 11th/12th Grade Timeline

  • (11th) Understanding Degrees & Majors

  • (12th) Senior College Night

  • (12th) Senior Financial Aid Night

  • (9th-12th) Paying for College 101: Part II

K-12 Workshops

$110 for 21 workshops:  purchase here


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