Partner Community Colleges & Districts

The Center for Educational Partnerships is home to Community College Transfer Center (CCTC), the Transfer Alliance Project (TAP), and PUENTE's Community College program, all highly successful academic advising and enrichment programs that prepare underserved community college students throughout California to be competitive transfer applicants to UC Berkeley and other four-year colleges.

These programs succeed by providing multi-year, one-to-one personalized advising through the development of individual academic educational plans, major and career advising, peer-mentoring opportunities, assistance with transfer applications, personal statements, financial aid forms, and scholarships.

Currently, CEP's transfer programs annually serve more than 1,200 students studying at community colleges in Northern and Southern California. Puente is also proud to continue Puente+, a series of services facilitating Professional Development for non-Puente faculty.  See below for participating campuses. 

We believe our successful community college transfer model can be replicated around the country.  For further information or to request a speaker, please visit our Learning Center

Partner Community Colleges 2020-2021
American River CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Berkeley City CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuente +Puente +
Cabrillo CollegeTAPCCTSPuente +NorCal expansion
Cañada CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Cerritos CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Chabot CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Chaffey CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
City College of San FranciscoTAPCCTSPuente
College of AlamedaPathwaysTAPCCTSPuente +Pathways
College of MarinPathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
College of San MateoPathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
College of the SequoiasPuente
Compton CollegePuente +
Contra Costa CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Cosumnes River CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Cypress CollegePuente
De Anza CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Diablo Valley CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
East Los Angeles CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
El Camino CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Foothill CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Fresno City CollegePuente
Fullerton CollegePuente
Gavilan CollegePuente
Golden West CollegePuente
Grossmont CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
Imperial ValleyPuente
Irvine Vallegy CollegePuente
Laney CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Las Positas CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Long Beach City CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Los Angeles City CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Los Angeles Harbor CollegePuente
Los Angeles Mission CollegePuente
Los Angeles Pierce CollegeTAPCCTSSoCal expansion
Los Angeles Southwest CollegePuente
Los Angeles Trade-Tech CollegePuente
Los Angeles Valley CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
Los Medanos CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Merced CollegePuente
Merritt CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuente +Pathways
Mira Costa CollegeTAPCCTSPuente +SoCal expansion
Mission CollegePuente
Moreno Valley CollegePuente
Mt. San Antonio CollegeTAPCCTS
Mt. San Jacinto CollegePuente
Napa Valley CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Norco CollegePuente
Ohlone CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Orange Coast CollegePuente
Palomar CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
Palo Verde CollegePuente
Pasadena City CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Rio Hondo CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
Riverside City CollegePuente
Sacramento City CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
San Bernardino Valley CollegePuente
San Diego City CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
San Diego Mesa CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
San Joaquin Delta CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteNorCal expansion
San Jose City CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteNorCal expansion
Santa Ana CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
Santa Monica CollegeTAPCCTS
Santa Rosa Junior CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Sierra CollegePuente
Skyline CollegePathwaysTAPCCTSPuentePathways
Solano Community CollegeTAPCCTSPuente
Southwestern CollegeTAPCCTSPuenteSoCal expansion
Victor Valley CollegePuente
West Los Angeles CollegePuente
West Valley CollegePuente
Yuba CollegePuente