Leilt Habte


(510) 847-2023
Job title: 
Associate Director (NorCal)
CEP Program: 
Leilt Habte was born and raised in Ethiopia and she immigrated to the United States in her pre-teens.  Post her secondary education she was admitted to University of California Berkeley as a Freshman.   She was a pre-med student and majored in Interdisciplinary Studies. She eventually earned a Law Degree. She has been an advocate of access, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the field of Education for over 3 decades.  She is passionate about increasing access to higher education for all people and has worked tirelessly to foster access in her professional career and personal endeavours. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and people across the world.  Her international travels, her convictions for social justice, and her passion in education has served to make her an excellent advocate and social mobilizer.  She will continue to make a difference as long as she is able to do so.