Post-Secondary Requirements

Getting to College

Each system of higher education has its own set of requirements. 

University of California (UC)

California State University (CSU)

California Community College (CCC)

  • Must either be 18 years of age or older or obtain a High School Diploma
  • Most California Community Colleges have concurrent enrollment available for high school students
  • Prior to registration for classes, prospective first-time freshmen students must
      • Submit an application
      • Participate in orientation either on line or in person
      • Complete the assessment process
      • Develop an Education Plan with a counselor

Private and Independent

  • Requirements for each private and independent institution vary.  Individually research each institution to obtain information regarding requirements for the specific campus.
  • Many private and independent campuses use The Common Application.  Check it out for a complete list.
  • Many campuses also require Letters of Recommendation. 

Career Technical Programs (CTE):

  • Specific CTE programs vary.  Please check with each program to acquire program specific admission requirement information. 
    • Examples of CTE or vocational programs are: Culinary Arts, Fire Science, Green Technology Installation.