TAP Program Services

Program Services

TAP provides the following support services: 

Transfer Information: Participants are informed of the steps to transfer to the University of California.

Education Planning: Receive guidance to develop a Transfer Roadmap listing semester-by-semester courses required for transfer.

Advising: Advisers monitor students’ academic progress and develop strategies for successful transfer.

Academic Enrichment: Provides opportunities to experience the UC Berkeley environment, including conducting research with UCB faculty and enrolling in UCB concurrent-enrollment or summer courses.  Also includes STEM academic coaching, academic development workshops, and assistance with internship opportunities.

Peer Mentoring: Provides opportunities to partner with UCB undergraduate mentors to learn about the Berkeley campus, culture, and resources.

Major/Career Assistance: Informs participants of the multiple undergraduate major pathways by which they can achieve their career and post-graduate goals.

Campus Life Immersion: Participants are invited to campus sporting events, guest lectures, free concerts, and overnight residential stays to familiarize them with the culture, diversity, and vitality of a major university campus.

Transfer Application Assistance: Provides information and support with the application process, financial aid, and scholarships.