Kinder-12th Grade Student College Knowledge Curriculum

Student College Knowledge Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

While much of the curriculum is general in nature, it is designed for students in California.

  • 25-minute lessons designed for use in any setting (i.e., advisory, homeroom, classroom, after-school, summer program, etc.).

  • Developmentally appropriate, interactive, and easy-to-implement lessons and activities.

  • Based on a college-going framework to increase college and career readiness by fostering college aspirations, teaching college knowledge, and supporting the college planning process.

  • Themes organize lessons, build on each other throughout the year, and increase depth and rigor.

  • Lessons and materials are updated every summer to include up-to-date information and resources.
  • K-5th grade lessons are aligned to Common Core, ELD, and Social-Emotional Learning competencies.

  • K-5th grade curriculum includes post-student activities to assess learning.

  • The 6th-12th grade curriculum includes pre and post-student surveys to assess learning.

  • The curriculum includes lesson plans, handouts, presentations (when needed), and optional extension activities.

  • When you purchase the curriculum, you will have 30 days to download all materials in PDF format. The PowerPoint Presentations, however, are not in PDF, allowing you to modify them as needed.

The curriculum is revised annually to update resources and reflect admission and financial aid policy changes.

How to Purchase:

Click on the links below for the desired curriculum:

  • Once on the website, select the desired curriculum and click on the blue ENROLL button.
  • Once you create an account, pay via credit card.
  • Once purchased, you have 30 days to access the site where you can download the curriculum to your computer.
  • Instructions and more information are provided on the landing page of the "course".
  • Note that we use the CANVAS platform for payment and to host the curriculum which you download.

Purchase Links:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the lessons able to be easily implemented/taught virtually? While this curriculum was not created for virtual delivery, some aspects make the virtual presentation easy. For example, many of the lessons come with a PowerPoint that is not PDF, making it easily modifiable and easy to present. The handouts however are PDF, so options would be to print packets or to create an editable version based on the sample provided. 

  • Are the lessons scripted?  Each lesson comes with a lesson plan with scripted language, and many of the lessons come with a PowerPoint Presentation that includes extensive notes that facilitators can read from.

  • Are the lessons online? The lessons are not online.

  • Are the parent workshops available in Spanish? Yes, the parent workshops come in English and Spanish.

  • I am a district representative, what is the best way to acquire the curriculum for our school sites? Individual school sites should purchase the curriculum. The person purchasing the curriculum will receive access to the material, which they can pass along to the appropriate lead.
  • Can you send up a Purchase Order? Unfortunately, we don't have a PO option, but we can provide a receipt in order to get a reimbursement for a credit card purchase.

For more information, contact Danielle Armstrong