Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)


CEP provides outreach and engagement with K-14 students, families, and educators to increase access to higher education. We believe no student should be denied the opportunity to pursue a college degree due to systemic, economic, or social barriers. Our ten CEP programs provide direct service to students and families, professional development for educators and community partners, and engage with K-12 schools/districts, community colleges, and other higher education partners in systemic work to remove barriers to college access for students.

For over forty years, CEP has increased the number of diverse California students enrolling and succeeding in higher education by directly addressing college-going barriers typically faced by low-income, first-generation, undocumented, and historically underrepresented students. CEP directly serves over 75,000 students (including 35,000 cohort students) throughout California through partnerships with schools, community colleges, and community-based organizations. As a leader in college access, CEP also provides capacity building, practical tools, and resources to increase college-going rates.