Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)

About CEP

Our Work

For almost 40 years, CEP has increased the number of diverse California students enrolling and succeeding in higher education, and UC Berkeley specifically, by directly addressing college-going barriers typically faced by low-income, first-generation, undocumented, and historically underrepresented students. CEP's 10 programs directly serve over 75,000 students per year (including 35,000 cohort students) throughout California through partnerships with schools, community colleges, and community-based organizations.

Our department exists to transform the lives of students. Despite a widespread desire among students from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education, our educational and societal systems continue to reinforce conditions that create inequities in college access.

Given the direct connection between college graduation and life outcomes, particularly for the most marginalized members of society, our department focuses on both systemic issues at their root and symptomatic barriers that face our students. By diversifying our contributions to the college access landscape, we empower individuals to fulfill their potential, and create a positive ripple effect in their communities.

Our Work at CEP

Our Goals

1. Improve the academic achievement of students who face significant barriers to college.

2. Increase the diversity of students who enroll and succeed in higher education.

3. Empower schools, districts, and community based organizations to foster college aspirations through building a college-going culture.

4. Provide deep impact and involvement as a partner in the Bay Area K-16 Collaborative and other K-16 collaborations and partnerships throughout California.

5. Create tools to partner with educators, families, and communities.