TRiO - Educational Talent Search (ETS)


Educational Talent Search (ETS), one of the largest programs currently funded by the U.S. Department of Education under the Federal TRIO programs, joined UC Berkeley in 1997. With an annual budget of $723,369K, ETS serves three comprehensive high schools in the Oakland Unified School District, three high schools and four middle schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District.


In 1969 a group of students attending the University of California, Berkeley conceived of a program of intensive motivational counseling and tutoring aimed at educationally disadvantaged high school students recognized as the Educational Guidance Center (EGC). In order to secure an operational base, the students approached a local non-profit community service organization. The project was funded through private and public resources. The intent and focus of the program has grown tremendously since 1969.


Students who attend our target school are the focus and in some situations students outside of our target schools. Student must also be a US citizen or permanent resident, with our focus still being to serve  disadvantaged high school students. Thi sincludes first generation students (parent or guardian has not graduated from a 4-year college) and low income family recognized by the Federal budget.