Our Purpose

The Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP), a campus department under UC Berkeley’s Division of Student Affairs, provides outreach and engagement with K-12 and community college students & educators to increase access to higher education.  We believe no student should be denied the opportunity to pursue a college degree due to systemic, economic or social barriers.

Our Actions

Every year, CEP programs deliver free academic enrichment, advising, and educational support services to over 70,000 K-12 and community college students and their families.  In addition, we engage thousands of educators, offering professional development around educational access and equity issues.

CEP at UC Berkeley

The CEP has played a crucial role in fulfilling UC Berkeley’s mission to provide educational excellence.  We are proud of what we accomplish on a minimal campus budget, and we are committed to continuing to grow, ensuring UC Berkeley remains respected and admired throughout the state.

CEP Impact

We serve as a key conduit to the University for students and families who face significant barriers to higher education.

  • Our programs have historically provided national leadership in improving college access and entry for underrepresented students.
  • Our programs provide tangible evidence of the University’s commitment to engagement with the larger community. 
  • We work to reorient entire schools and communities toward a culture of college-going.

Major Accomplishments

  • Authored two nationally disseminated curricula to support schools and community organizations to raise students' expectations for college access and success.
  • Created first-ever web site focused on college-going culture: