Claudia Morales

Job title: 
Executive Director
CEP Program: 
CEP Leadership
CEP Admin

I have been working with outreach at the University of California, Berkeley for the past 20 years as a part of EAOP, SUP and DCAC. Although I have worked with schools throughout California, my main focus has been on K-12 schools in the Bay Area, with a specific emphasis on ESHUSD and SJUSD.  I am presently the primary writer and visionary for UC Berkeley’s aspirational and college knowledge materials and curriculum for both K-12 students and their families as well as having forged a robust partnership with San Jose Unified. I am instrumental in the organization and implementation of the growing “College Day” program, a model of how to engage an entire county in creating college-going culture, impacting thousands of students and families throughout Santa Clara County and other communities in California. I am committed to educational equity and have worked with students, parents and educators to increase the number of California high school students who have access to all post-secondary options.