Emerald Young

Job title: 
Associate Director of Academic Enrichment
CEP Program: 

Emerald is a proud product of Oakland Public schools and the TRIO Talent Search Program formerly
known as Educational Guidance Center. As a first-generation low-income student, education has always
been an important part of Emerald and her families’ goal. With the support of her family and key
mentors, she was admitted and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology with an
emphasis in social psychology.
She always envisioned herself working in a field that gives back to the community that raised her.
Through her work during her undergraduate year with the various programs in CEP such as East Bay
Consortium and Early Academic Outreach Program, she found her passion and calling in the field of
education. Her early work in advising solidified her passion and love to support students from
disadvantaged communities to gain and obtain a higher education and personal success. She soon
obtained her Masters in School Counseling from San Jose State University. After graduate school, she
found her way back home to CEP where she took on various roles such as a TRIO Talent Search College
Adviser, Regional Manager for EAOP/DCAC, and now serve as the Associate Director of Academics for
EAOP. She is honored to continue to serve her community and have her three beautiful boys raised by
the amazing fam-educators in CEP.