Linyi "Nikki" Yu

Job title: 
Program Coordinator
CEP Program: 

Nikki Yu was born in Guangdong, China, and migrated to the United States with her family at age of 10. She first attended middle school in Los Angeles, California, but shortly moved to Oakland, California. Nikki graduated from the University of California, Berkeley receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies with two minors in Education and Chinese in May 2021. Her passion for youth empowerment and education started when she was in high school through her experience as a Tutor in a summer camp where she was later promoted to Program Director Assistant. Starting her first year at Cal, Nikki continued to pursue her passion in education while she worked for East Bay Consortium/Cal-SOAP, she started as a Tutor Mentor and is currently a Program Coordinator. In addition, Nikki is an advisor to many youth organizations that focus on leadership development, youth empowerment, and cultural diversity including Asian Youth Services Committee, Wa Sung Junior League Program, and more. Nikki loves traveling because she enjoys having new adventures and discoveries. In fact, she has a set monthly plan to visit a new place or try a new experience.