Synta Bogan

Job title: 
Director of Finance, Operations and Strategic Planning
CEP Program: 
CEP Leadership
CEP Admin

Originally from Silicon Valley, Synta was a first-generation, transfer student from Foothill College that re-entered UC Berkeley to obtain her multidisciplinary degree in American Studies: Sociology, African-American Studies & Education. After working in various private industries - computer tech, banking, construction - Synta found that working with not-for-profit institutions was a better fit for her interests and education. Synta became a UCOP admin assistant in 2009 for MESA, transferred to UCB as a project/policy analyst in 2012 with PUENTE, and uses her accounting and technical skills to manage the finances and organizational needs of CEP for over 9 years. As a bonus, Synta is able to utilize what she’s learned from her college advising colleagues to help her three children strive for academic excellence. Synta feels extremely fortunate to have returned to Cal and is intentional about putting back into an institution that encourages her educational, professional and personal growth.