Tanzania Jimmerson

Job title: 
College Advisor
CEP Program: 
Pre-College TRiO

Tanzania is from East Oakland, CA. She moved to Portland, OR, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Lewis and Clark College on a full-ride academic scholarship. In college, Tanzania was a member of the Black Student Union for four years, and of those four years, she was the Black Student Union’s president for one year. While in Portland, she volunteered at high schools in the Portland Metro Area. She realized that her calling was helping low-income students of color get into college during her volunteer work and being a product of a college access program. She saw many intelligent and qualified students feel like college wasn’t an option because they didn’t know much about the college process, or someone made them believe they couldn’t achieve that goal. She wanted to change those students’ perceptions and give them the resources they did not have. She loves eating, playing with her pandemic puppy, and watching makeup tutorials on Youtube.