Learning the Basics


CEP Community College Enrollment Checklist

These checklists have everything you need to stay on top of the college process. Check items off as you go and make sure to follow all the deadlines!

CEP Cheat Sheet: Applying to a Community College

This preparation form will assist students with collecting key information so that students have easy access to it when it's time to fill out applications and forms. To edit use this document, click "File" in the top left corner , then click "Make a copy."

Reasons to Attend a Community College

Wondering if the community college route route is best for your education journey? Take a look at some reasons to attend a community college.

California Promise Grant

Most California community colleges provide free college for at least the first two years. Learn more here.

I Can Go To College Homepage

This webpage provides resources for students to achieve their goals at community colleges by giving key information to students learning how the community process works. Click to learn more.

CCC Homepage

Learn about the 116 California Community Colleges (CCC) campuses. There are many community colleges all over the state of California.

Alphabetical List of California Community Colleges

You can find the total list of California community colleges here.

Locate and Compare California Community Colleges

This website can help you decide which California community college is best for you and your needs.

Gladeo for Bay Area

Find a career based on your personality and a program/school that can support you reach that career. Gladeo is a media and technology company with a mission to build a more inclusive, equitable and prepared workforce of the future.

Learning Communities

Many community colleges have learning communities. Learning Communities are programs designed to support a community of students who share common goals and interests while working collaboratively in an encouraging environment. Students in learning communities perform well in their academic courses and meet their educational goals promptly. Here is an example of some at Chabot College.


Associate's Degree

Take control of your future and increase your earning power by enrolling in an associate's degree program at a community college.

Associate’s Degree for Transfer (AS-T)

Complete your major preparation and general education requirements at a California community college to get a guaranteed saved spot at participating four-year universities.

Bachelor Degree Program

Did you know that you can earn a bachelor's degree from a California community college? Thanks to the Bachelor's Degree Program, you can get a four-year degree in a variety of subjects at 15 different colleges throughout the state.

Career Education Certificate

Ever considered going directly into career education? These certificates can lead directly to a career of your choice.


Types of Colleges

This guide will help students understand the different types of colleges and which one might work best for them.

Types of Degrees

Learn more about the different types of degrees you can earn here.

University of California System (UC)

Learn more about the University of California system. Learn the campuses, majors, and other facts.

California State University System (CSU)

Learn more about the California State University system. Learn the campuses, majors, and other facts.

AICCU (California Privates Colleges / Universities)

Learn more about private colleges and universities in California. Learn the campuses, majors, and other facts.

Common Black College App

Students can complete the Common Black College Application (CBCA) and apply to any number of their Member Institutions, at the same time. The CBCA creates the potential opportunity for students to receive acceptance letters, financial aid packages and scholarship offers from several different colleges. Different schools have different application deadlines.