Learning the College Basics


Types of Colleges

This guide will help students understand the different types of colleges and which one might work best for them.

Types of Degrees

Learn more about the different types of degrees you can earn here.

University of California System (UC)

Learn more about the University of California system. Learn the campuses, majors, and other facts.

California State University System (CSU)

Learn more about the California State University system. Learn the campuses, majors, and other facts.

AICCU (California Privates Colleges / Universities)

Learn more about private colleges and universities in California. Learn the campuses, majors, and other facts.

CCC Homepage

Learn about the 116 California Community Colleges (CCC) campuses. There are many community colleges all over the state of California.

List of HBCU's

Explore the list of Historically Black Colleges and Universities here!

Common Black College App

Students can complete the Common Black College Application (CBCA) and apply to any number of their Member Institutions, at the same time. The CBCA creates the potential opportunity for students to receive acceptance letters, financial aid packages and scholarship offers from several different colleges. Different schools have different application deadlines.


CEP A-G Planning Chart

This planning chart can help students make sure they are on track to meet or exceed the minimum A-G requirements to be eligible for UCs and CSUs.

CEP 9-12th Grade College Checklists

This link takes you to the "CEP College Checklists & Resources" page where you can find checklists that will help you plan for college.

How to Get to CSU

Want to know how to get into a CSU? Here you can see how the CSU campuses make their decisions.

UC Scout

The University of California online academy for high school students can help students catch up, move ahead, or find different learning options to complete the UC requirements. This is especially helpful if your school doesn't have articulated "A-G" classes.

California Colleges

This site gives an explanation of the California admission requirements for public colleges, and provides resources to match students with potential colleges.

Parent Guide on Planning for College

An action plan to help guide families through the college process.

Planificación Universitaria (Español)

Nunca es demasiado temprano para empezar a planear para un futuro exitoso. Sigue esta guía que te ayudará a prepárate académica y financieramente para la universidad.


UC Freshmen Admit Data

This data provides a profile of each UC campus. You can find the information like average admit GPA and admit rates straight from the source.

Center for First-Generation Student Success

This page contains articles, tips, programs, and blogs highlighting the first generation college student experience and how to navigate it.

Being First Gen in College

An in-depth guide that explains the challenges and triumphs of being a first generation college student. This page gives guidance on how first-gen students can be successful in college.

Supporting First-Generation Students

Counselors that work with first generation students should visit this page to learn more strategies for guiding students to college.

NCAA Eligibility Center

If you are a student who is interested in playing athletics in college, you should register with this website.

NCAA Certification

Students need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at an NCAA Division I or II school. Become certified here.