Self, Major, and Career Exploration


Self & Career Exploration Tool

The California Career Zone can help you learn more about who you are and what you may want to do in the future.

Big Future Career List

Explore a list of different career options. You can even take a quiz that will give you a list of careers that match your interests.

Career Exploration Tool

Want to know more about what a specific career does? Explore this collection of videos on hundreds of different professions. 

Exploring Careers through Videos

This site is helpful for students looking to explore different career options. Here you can find interviews from people in various positions in various careers.

California Colleges

This site gives an explanation of the California admission requirements for public colleges, and provides resources to match students with potential colleges and careers.

Career Education

There are more than 20 pathways that allow students to learn the skills they need for the jobs of today and the future. Learn more about career education.

Community College Career Opportunities Quiz

Take our Career Opportunities quiz and discover all the options that California community colleges can offer.

Career Girls

Career Girls showcases diverse and accomplished women role models that students can explore careers from.


Find a career based on your personality and a program/school that can support you reach that career. Gladeo is a media and technology company with a mission to build a more inclusive, equitable and prepared workforce of the future.


UC Majors Exploration

Check out all majors offered throughout the UC system

CSU Degrees

Check out all the degrees offered throughout the CSU system

CSU Impaction

Learn more about CSU impaction and how it factored into admissions here.

Majors & Careers

Ever wonder what career options you have with a specific major? Visit this link to see how majors and careers are linked.

Big Future Major List

Explore what a college major is and the different subject areas you can specialize in during college.

Big Future Stem Majors

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, also known as STEM, is a robust field for people to participate in. Learn more about majors and the field in general.