February 2023

NAF at UCB Black College Expo

NAF at Berkeley organized a remarkable field trip for the program's Black scholars!

The event involved busing 20 enthusiastic students from Antioch High School to the Oakland Black College Expo, immersing them in a world of knowledge about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and the myriad opportunities that college life presents. NAF's dedicated scholars received priority sign-up access, ensuring they had the first chance to participate in this enriching experience.

In recognition of the crucial role parents and families play in the educational journey of our students, NAF thoughtfully arranged an open debrief session, providing an opportunity for meaningful engagement and discussion. The day's activities were capped off with a warm dinner, creating a welcoming atmosphere that encouraged connection and shared insights. Overall, the event successfully achieved its dual objectives, empowering our Black scholars and fostering a sense of excitement and aspiration for their future educational pursuits.

NAF Black College Expo Recap (2023)