Below is a directory of people

Name Professional Titlesort descending Email Phone Program
Jimmerson, Tanzania Academic Programs Specialist TRIO Upward Bound / UB Math Science
Ramirez, Teresa Associate Director 707-373-6474 Solano County Educational Consortium (SCEC)
Hatcher, Keyanna Associate Director 510-735-6036 TRIO Talent Search
Khamnouane, Boun Associate Director 510.879.1578 East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions (EBC)
Canchola, Josefina Associate Director Education and Community Partnerships 714.357.7728 Puente
Young, Emerald Associate Director of Academic Enrichment Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
Hayes, Miya Associate Director of Campus Partnerships & Engagement Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Amina, Hazel Associate Director of College Advising 510-289-9375 TRIO Upward Bound / UB Math Science
Ebron, Grace CC Associate Director 510.846.6275 Puente
Martinez, Cathy CC Trainer/Coordinator Puente
Habte, Leilt CCTC/TAP Assistant Director 510.847.2023 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Tinsley, Christina CCTC/TAP Assistant Director 510.529.9658 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Thach, Jessica CEP Associate Director of Data Analysis and Communications Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Johnson, Denzale College Advisor TRIO Upward Bound / UB Math Science
Marshall, Ron College Advisor TRIO Talent Search
Potts, Elizabeth College Advisor NAF Future Ready Scholars @ UC Berkeley
Gómez Vázquez, Larissa Community College Counseling Coordinator Puente
Silva, Paula Community College Instructor Coordinator Puente
Bogan, Synta Director of Finance, Operations and Strategic Planning Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Aguilar, Claudia Director of Training & Curriculum Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Jones, Lakeysha East Contra Costa Regional Manager 510-295-8963 Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
Vergara , Julia Executive Director The Puente Project Puente
Montenegro, Mónica Executive Director, East Bay Consortium, SCEC 510.879.1577 East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions (EBC)
Martinez, Melinda High School Teacher Training Coordinator 510-384-4109 Puente
Luna, Rick Institutional Data Anaylst 510.664.9947 Puente
Flores, Yvette Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Godfrey-Wong, Sumi Interim Co-Director of DCAC and EAOP 510-815-4899 Destination College Advising Corps (DCAC)
Roxas, Nikko Interim Co-Directors of DCAC and EAOP 510.725.5691 Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
Morales, Claudia Interim Executive Director and Chief of Staff Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Ogunbanwo, Folasade Math & Science Programs Coordinator TRIO Upward Bound / UB Math Science
Roberson, Gizelle Middle School Training Coordinator 510-447-0925 Puente
Smith, Joshua Office Manager 510.642.6680 Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
Agdinaoay, Joly Office Manager 510.642.2364 Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
Yataco, Luis Outreach Specialist 510-631-1885 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Bach, Anna Program Assistant Puente
Zamora, Leonardo Program Assistant 510.664.9942 Puente
Thompson, Mayzia Program Assistant (Office Manager) 510-642-2312 Pre-College TRIO
Yu, Linyi (Nikki) Program Coordinator East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions (EBC)
McFadden, Devan Program Coordinator East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions (EBC)
Alvarez, Karina Program Coordinator East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions (EBC)
Parada, Lucy Program Manager 510-664-7276 Destination College Advising Corps (DCAC)
Villasenor, Veronica Project Analyst 510-423-8143 Puente
Vidaurri, Theresa Regional Manager 510-333-2768 Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
Rocha Barrios, Dennise Regional Manager - San Jose Area Destination College Advising Corps (DCAC)
Barragan, Jose Regional Program Coordinator 510-833-0182 Solano County Educational Consortium (SCEC)
Martinez, Bryan Transfer Specialist 510-725-7446 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Clayton, Gina Transfer Specialist 510.495.4525 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Leon, Johnny Transfer Specialist 510-504-8523 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Ortiz, Zefora Transfer Specialist (San Diego) 510-833-3790 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Parungao, Aileen Transfer Specialist (SoCal) 818.399.5196 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Oldaker, Bryan Transfer Specialist (SoCal) 818-397-5894 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)
Sanders, Jimmie TRiO Director 510-609-5564 Pre-College TRIO